For the Horde

A new start?
Canan's journal

We left our former home behind and headed for the nearest city.
On route we encountered a band of cavalry headed our way, and Informed their leader of what had happened. Seeing they had no reason to continue on, they decided to accompany us.

I informed the leaders of the other city of what had happened. We agreed we had to organise a defense and kick these invaders out.
I also learned some disturbing things. I learned of how our world was linked to different worlds through portals, and how Barsh had once cut our world off of the others to protect us. Now somehow these invaders had managed to open one of the five portals, and we needed to close it with the orb we found in the temple. Now we need to find these portals and see which one is open.
And I learned how we were now in fact the essence of our former city because of the oath we took while burying it.

I also decided to formally enter service of Barsh. My reasons for this were the fact that I had taken up leadership of our group, and tradition demands it. In times like these tradition is very important.
So I headed to the temple and had these tattoos set.

Canan's journal

We located the temple. And while trying to find an entrance I had a vision of some kind of underground portal. The portal was closed by some kind of shimmering semi-tranparent field. And through it I saw what looked like strange bipedal creatures.

We managed to get inside and had to defeat four elementals which all left an orb. Together these were used to unlock what looked like a container. Inside we found another orb of an unknown material.

When we returned from our expedition our city was destroyed! We were attacked by strange humanoids that resembled the ones I had seen in my vision. I don’t know how, but we survived their assault.
When we came to, our city was gone. There was no one left alive except from us. We decided to bury our dead, but somehow their spirits never reached our ancestors. Could it be these foul beings were perverting the very nature of things?
After some deliberation I decided to effectively bury our city. My reasons for this were as follows. There was nothing left. All the inhabitants were gone, so the spirit of this city as it were had to pass on as well. We all vowed we would see the guilty punished for this, and a new city founded. But this old one was gone. The we took the hearts of the temples, the essence of the gods in that place, and left the ruins behind.

The Choosing
Canan's journal

The evening before the Choosing I was restless, because I had absolutely no idea what I should choose. I love the work in the temple of Erishnu, but the rituals just don’t work anymore for me.

So that night I wandered the city, being unable to sleep. That’s when I noticed a strange blue glow from inside our temple. I had to sneak in as the main door was locked for some reason. When I reached the main hall I saw our High Priest kneeling down in prayer and a strange glow upon the altar. I wanted to investigate this glow, but when I extended my magical senses towards it I lost consciousness. The High Priest later told me I was lucky to be alive; and that I shouldn’t have used magic on it. I still don’t know what was going on though.

Later, during the Choosing, I didn’t make a choice. I couldn’t rightly do so as I didn’t have any idea what I was going to do. Luckily I wasn’t forced to choose

Some time later the elders formed a group to investigate an ancient temple up in the mountains. We were a varied group of all types of professions. It took as a few days to reach the temple, and it seemed some strong force was working against us. Proof for this were the group of uncontrolled undead that was set upon us. Such heresy is unheard of.


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