Ancestors oracle, cursed by deafness


When Canan was born she didn’t carry any sign of a blessing by any of the five gods. While not unheard of it’s stil a rare condition where a newborn isn’t claimed.
She was later sent to the temple of Erishnu , the goddess of magic and death for training.

She enjoyed this life, but things changed one evening when she was performing a ritual honouring a departed hero.
She managed to make contact with this hero, and a whole line of ancestors and had a long talk with them. They told her in no uncertain terms she’d been chosen as a conduit for the people to make contact with their ancestors.
She felt honoured, but the experience left her deafened.
And while her newfound powers gave her some kind of edge in the church, it still left her with a practical disadvantage. It turned out to be very difficult to perform the ancient rituals for the people when she’s more or less oblivious to her surroundings.

When the day of the choosing arrived she was conflicted and didn’t choose any road to follow. She wasn’t pushed either, although this had never happened before. But she didn’t think it right to choose when she wasn’t sure.

But now the events in the city and the land have set her on a road of leadership. She’s taken up the responsibility of leading a small band of heroes on the difficult path ahead, and she’s starting to feel confident in that role. And for that reason she’s chosen to join the temple of Barsh, and carry his symbol.


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